Beware - Electric Bike are Here Lurking Amounsts Us!

Yesterday I had my first experience of being left standing by a young bloke riding a Zero electric motorbike. It looked like a cross between a classy mountain bike and a 175 trail bike and it left me standing still at the lights. It took off like a rocket.
OK Bovo, you might be thinking, a lot of club members know my daily ride is a Royal Enfield C5, so big deal!!
Well, at the next set of lights it demolished an Aprilia Dorsoduro 1200 the Aprilia had no chance of catching it. If this is the trail bike
version what's the road bike going to be like??? These bikes are seriously fast.

I found this road test on a Lighting Ls-218 electric bike that you might what to read.


How to build a 200mpg (1.17 Litres to 100) Motorcycle 

I have had a secret desire to build a bike like the one on this website. I like Royal Enfields and I have always been a diesel man at heart so there is a certain allure to combining the two.  I know, I should take a couple of aspirin and go to bed! I think that Altmann has done a really neat job of this build. Enjoy Bovo