Aims of the Verteran & Historic Motorcycle Club

For all members to share the engineering skill and vision of those who built the pioneer machines and ensure that they are not preserved as lifeless exhibits in a museum; but are brought to life on frequent occasions in order that a new generation can marvel at the work of the pioneer and an older generation can once again view with nostalgia the machines they once rode in days gone by.

Club General Meetings

The Veteran & Historic Motorcycle Club holds its club General Meetings every 3rd Thursday of each month, commencing 7:30 pm at Dundas Sports & Recreation Club, 9 Elder Road, Dundas 2117

V&HMCC Club Ride Events

The club organizes ride events both during the week and on the weekends. The runs are held in the North, West and South of Sydney during each month.

"Vintage Crankpin"

The club publishes an informative bi-monthly journal, "The Vintage Crankpin" for the benefit of the members of the club. This excellent journal includes information concerning upcoming events and rides, information concerning the workings of the club, ride briefings and interesting articles on historic motorcycles.