(Incorporated in N.S.W. 24th June 1982)
BY- LAWS 2016
These By-Laws replace all previous editions.

1.    A person wishing to become a member of the V&HMCC must complete a membership application form. The application for membership must be proposed and seconded by members of the Club. The application for membership will go before the V&HMCC Committee for consideration.  If accepted, the application will be presented at the next General Meeting for approval or otherwise by the members attending that meeting.
2.    “Associate” membership is available to family of members. Associate members do not have voting rights or access to concessional registration. 
3.    Before membership of the V&HMCC can be conferred, the prospective member should be present at the General Meeting at which his/her membership is being put forward for approval. It is a requirement of the V&HMCC that each new member receives and accepts the Club By – Laws at the time of his/her inauguration into the Club.
Membership Fees
4.    Membership fees are due at the start of V&HMCC’s financial year (presently 1st November). Only upon payment of membership fees and the issuing of a V&HMCC receipt will a member be considered “financial”.
5.    The V&HMCC annual membership fee is $35 per annum. A $5 joining fee applies for a new member in addition to the annual membership fee. If the member joins less than 6 months prior to the end of V&HMCC’s financial year 50% of the annual membership fee will be payable. The associate membership fee is $5 per annum and there is no joining fee.
6.    A period of two (2) months grace is given with respect to payment of the membership fee, that is 1st January for the relevant membership year, to renew membership without financial penalty (payment of another joining fee). Until a member has paid the membership fee and received a receipt from V&HMCC for the relevant financial year the member will not be considered to be financial and any Conditional Historic Registration in connection with the V&HMCC is invalid until membership fees are paid.
Conditional Registration Inspections
7.    It is a requirement of the Roads & Maritime Services of New South Wales (RMS) that Conditional Historic Registration through the V&HMCC is available only to financial members of the V&HMCC, the motorcycle must be thirty (30) or more years old from the date of manufacture and must meet all of the eligibility criteria.
8.    The motorcycle may be inspected by a V&HMCC Machine Examiner. The Machine Examiner will verify that the motorcycle is thirty (30) years or more of age and complies with all eligibility criteria for Conditional Historic Registration, that it is roadworthy and that they have sighted a current membership receipt showing that the member is a financial member of the V&HMCC. (RMS Historic Vehicle Declaration form 1259), or
9.    The motorcycle may be inspected at an RMS Authorized Inspection Station for a roadworthy certificate (pink slip). However, the member must present the motor cycle to a V&HMCC Machine Examiner to verify it is thirty (30) or more years old, meets all eligibility requirements for conditional registration and that they have sighted a current membership receipt showing that the member is a financial member of the V&HMCC. (RMS Historic Vehicle Declaration form 1259).
10.    Club appointed Machine Examiners, as listed on p2 of Vintage Crank Pin, are the only persons approved by V&HMCC to verify & sign the RMS Historic Vehicle Declaration form 1259. 
Motorcycle Use
11.    Any member who wishes to use their motorcycle, registered through the V&HMCC, under the Conditional Historic Registration Scheme is required to comply with all RMS requirements for Historical Vehicle Use.
12.    Motorcycles with Conditional Historic Registration through the V&HMCC participating in the RMS Log Book Trial may be used for all club Approved Events and for an additional 60 day general use and maintenance runs within the terms and conditions of the trial. 
13.    Motorcycles with Conditional Historic Registration through the V&HMCC, (with the exception of those participating in the “Log Book Trial”), may only be ridden on V&HMCC Approved Events as listed in the Vintage Crank Pin or as otherwise authorized by these By-Laws.
14.    Members who wish to ride motorcycles with Conditional Historic Registration associated with the V&HMCC in events promoted by another Club or recognized community organization may do so provided that an official invitation has been received and:-
a)    Documented by the Club in the official Minutes or,
b)    It is recorded as an Unscheduled Event in the official “Day Book” held by the Secretary or,
c)    The event is listed under “Invitation Events” in the “Vintage Crank Pin” magazine.
15.    Each edition of the Vintage Crank Pin will contain a calendar of club Approved Events for the next two (2) months.
16.    The calendar of club Approved Events listed in The Vintage Crank Pin may be added to, varied or amended provided that any addition, variations or amendment is documented in the official minutes or recorded in the official “Day Book” held by the Secretary.
17.    Club rides that do not take place due to inclement or unsuitable weather conditions (determined by the run coordinator or events director) shall automatically be re-scheduled to the following week. This will be ongoing until either the event takes place or the week in which the next scheduled corresponding event is to take place.
18.    Members may request that an unscheduled event or run be an Approved Event. To be an Approved Event the unscheduled event must be approved. It may be documented in the official minutes or recorded in the official “Day Book” held by the Secretary.

19.    Members may ride their motorcycles having Conditional Registration from the location that motorcycle is usually garaged to the start and return from an Approved Event provided they do so by the most appropriate and convenient route.  Where the distance to be travelled to and from an Approved Event necessitates travel on the days before or after the event these additional movements must be recorded in the official “Day Book” held by the Secretary. If you are participating in the Log Book Trial these extra days movements would need to be entered on your Log Sheet.
20.    Members wishing to organize events on behalf of the V&HMCC must notify the Events Director to obtain a suitable date before being considered for approval by the Committee or at a General Meeting.
Use other than on Approved Events
21.    The RMS permits motorcycles on Conditional Historic Registration also to be used on roads and road related areas for “short journeys”. (This does non apply if you are participating in the Log Book Trial and use as listed below must be entered on your Log Sheet). V&HMCC defines a “short journey” as a journey that is within a 25km radius from the location where the motorcycle is usually garaged for the following purposes:-
a)    Obtaining services (petrol, oil, etc.);
b)    Repair and upkeep of the motorcycle (mechanical, paint, electrical, etc.);
c)    Road testing following servicing and repair;
d)    Inspection of the motorcycle in accordance with clause 8 and 9.
22.    If a member wishes to ride his/her motor cycle outside the limitations set out in clause 21 above, they should have the journey recorded in the official “Day Book” held by the Secretary.
Club Points score
23.    All motorcycles that belong to a V&HMCC member that have Conditional Historic Registration or are 30 years of age or older are eligible for the allocation of points for attending the Sunday Club Ride.
24.    V&HMCC Points are allocated on the following basis:-  
a)    one (1) point for participating in the event with an eligible motorcycle  thirty (30) or more years old - if the bike breaks down during the event a point is still allocated
b)    one (1) point for a member attending the event with a backup trailer. The (1) point being allocated to one of his eligible machines of his choice.
At the present time events included in the Club Point Score are in the following categories: Pre 1940, 1941 to 1953, 1954 to 1967, 1968 to 30 years from current date.
V&HMCC Meetings
25.    General meetings will take place on the 3rd Thursday of each month. Meetings will start at 7:30pm sharp. Where controversial or other matters arise that may cause lengthy discussion the Chairman may refer such matters to the V&HMCC Committee for consideration and where necessary report back to the next available General Meeting for comment or ratification where required.
26.    V&HMCC Committee meetings will take place on the second Thursday of each month.  Meetings will start at 7:30pm sharp.
Cheque signatories
27.    V&HMCC cheque signatories are limited to Directors of the Club that have been specifically approved to carry out this function, currently the Treasurer and the Secretary or President.
Maximum membership numbers
28.    Maximum V&HMCC membership is set at one hundred and seventy (170) members.  Membership numbers may be changed, subject to Committee review and ratification or otherwise at General Meeting.
V&HMCC Club Magazine
29.    The Subject matter of the Club magazine (Vintage Crank Pin) must, at all times, be in accord with the Objectives of the V&HMCC as detailed in V&HMCC’s Memorandum of Association.  Where material, proposed for publication in the Club magazine, conflicts with the objectives of the V&HMCC it may be rejected by the V&HMCC Committee.
Articles of Association
30.    The V&HMCC Articles of Association require that:
a)    A permanent register be kept that shows the names of V&HMCC members and others (visitors) that attend V&HMCC meetings; and
b)    Minutes of the monthly Committee and General Meetings be entered into the official minute book and that the official minute book be available for scrutiny by members at the monthly General Meeting.
c)    A current edition of these By–Laws will be provided to members at the beginning of the V&HMCC financial year, which is presently 1st November.